ZEUS: Zehuti's EU Solution

While the relative merits of the UK's implementation of the May 2011 EU Privacy Directive are a matter for debate, as a site owner it's important to address the issues it raises for your own site - specifically with regard to the third-party cookies you have little control over.

Here, then, is Zehuti's EU Solution (Zeus). You'll have seen it when you first arrived at this site, in the bottom-left corner. While it doesn't seek to stop cookies being issued to your site users, it alerts them as to the cookies you use, and links through to an information box with a little more of an explanation as to why.

It should be understood that this project is in active development, first in terms of attempting to automatically identify the various third-party cookies that sites hand out to visitors, but also in terms of its compliance; the relevance and implementation of this law is changing over time, and while Zeus doesn't seek to make sites 100% compliant with the law, it demonstrates that you're addressing these directives in good faith.

Disclaimer: Use of Zeus is undertaken at your own risk - Zehuti does not mean to imply in any way that this solution will make your site compliant with the letter of the law, and accepts no liability for its use, any failures, or its failure to prevent legal action. In short, this plug-in does not seek to make your website legally compliant.

Disclaimer over, it's completely free to implement - just paste the following code just before the </body> tag of any webpage (ideally, though it could go anywhere on the page), and it'll do its thing.

Display a cookie list

Use this code to display a full list of cookies issued by your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://zeus.zehuti.com/zeus/include"></script>

Include additional, HTTP-only cookies in your list

One of the drawbacks with a plug-in like this is that it can't pick up 'http-only' cookies - once you've plugged it in, it's worth checking that your site isn't issuing any cookies that Zeus can't find. If this is the case, you can manually ask Zeus to mention other cookies using the tool below - enter the extra items you'd like it to list in the box on separate lines, and hit the generate button for a revised version of the code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://zeus.zehuti.com/zeus/include"></script>

Just display a short message

Alternatively, if you'd just like to display a short message about cookies, rather than listing each one your site issues, use this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://zeus.zehuti.com/zeus/nolist"></script>

further reading

still stuck?

If you need help plugging Zeus into your site, or want further guidance on cookie law, please get in touch.