Warning: unlike the rest of this site, the contents of this section are a bit geeky. It's a small collection of tools that I find useful as a developer, provided here on the off-chance that you find them useful too. This isn't a comprehensive list, rather a section of the site I'll be adding to from time to time.

Colour calculator
A tool for choosing colours, and finding harmonious shades.

Form POST tool
Construct and send form POST requests.

Gateway shortcut
A handy application that takes you straight to your network gateway in a web browser.

Golden ratios
A quick way to calculate golden ratio proportions.

HTTP header information
For examining the HTTP header information of a web page.

MD5 hasher
A simple MD5 calculator.

Password generator
An alphanumeric string generator.

Your request headers
Lists the information your browser tells websites when it requests a page.

Twitter link generator
A tool for generating automatic Tweet links.