legal news

A lot of the sites we've built publish legal news, editorial, and information on a daily basis - a lot of it is collected here. You can page through it as a list, or search for specific content.

When you search, you can include a variety of power terms - these have a variety of effects on the results you'll see:

You can restrict your search to specific types of content using the terms 'editorial', 'news', 'case', 'legislation', 'resource', or 'judgement'.

Your results will be ordered by their relevance to the phrase you used. If you'd like them ordered alphabetically or chronologically, use the terms 'by title' or 'by date' respectively.

As these sites have been publishing content for quite some time, you can limit your search to content within the past year with the term 'recent'.

Some examples:
litigants in person
recent editorial about privacy
nhs case by date